What to Expect
 Initial Visit 
The first visit to our office will be for the purpose of an orthodontic evaluation.  Dr. Besson will give you his opinion as to whether orthodontic treatment is indicated, and when it should be initiated.

Some patients are started at an earlier age to either minimize a more severe malocclusion from developing, or to improve an awkward growth pattern.  If treatment is not needed at this time, but may be needed in the future, your child will be placed on a recall schedule.  This allows us to monitor your childs growth and dental development, and determine when ideally treatment should begin.  If it appears that treatment is needed and should start at this time, full diagnostic records will be scheduled for the next visit.

Diagnostic Records Appointment
Impressions, xrays, photographs of the teeth and facial structure are taken during this visit.  Dr. Besson will then study and evaluate the diagnostic records and develop what he feels is the most effective treatment plan.

Case Presentation (CP) Appointment
At this visit, Dr. Besson will sit down with you and the treatment plan will be discussed.  Many times there may be a number of different plans presented, and your input will be helpful in finalizing the course of treatment.  The estimated length of treatment will be given and the financial arrangement will be discussed.  Orthodontic treatment is a family affair and we would like you to enjoy and understand the wonderful benefits and changes as they become apparent during the treatment period.  We will answer all of your questions regarding any problems that may influence the acceptance of treatment.  We want the patient to have a positive experience, while achieving the best possible result.

Appointment Scheduling
Braces will be placed on the teeth during the bonding appointment.  This is scheduled in the morning or early afternoon. Comprehensive instructions are given at the end of this visit.  During the rest of the treatment period, the patient will be visiting our office every 3 to 8 weeks.  Appointments generally range from 15 - 45 minutes.  The longer visits are scheduled in the morning or early afternoon, the shorter appointments occur all day long.  

We do everything possible to eliminate or avoid apprehension.  Most of the treatment visits are in an open setting.  This type of setting lends itself to a very relaxed atmosphere, and we strive to maintain this level at all times.  We feel it is most helpful for the patient to know in advance of their first visit that we practice only orthodontics.  General dentistry is not performed here.  There are no extractions, needles, or cavities filled here.  The continuing services of your family dentist will be necessary throughout the course of treatment.