The best experience I've ever had at a Doctors' office. Friendly staff, well timed appointments and the best magazines anywhere!
Anne B

We couldn't have asked for a better orthodontist and staff. Always friendly, courteous, on time for appointments, huge variety of appointment times, etc... What more can I say? Oh, also the office is extremely clean:)
Rebecca P

We LOVE this office! Friendly staff... efficient, and caring too.
Catherine C

We are all happy here at Dr. Bessons'. We never wait for our appointments and the staff is always courteous and helpful. As a former patient in the 80's, there was no other orthodontist we would ever go to.
Kristin M
Scotch Plains

Dr. Besson has taken wonderful care of my daughters!!
Tracey F
Scotch Plains

Our family began with Dr's. Besson years ago with our oldest son. We moved to Madison but because of their excellent care we continued to make the trip back to Scotch Plains to finish all three children's orthodontia work with Dr's Besson.

Dr. Besson and his staff are the BEST! Always professional, friendly, and on time. My son had his braces on for a day when he managed to break them (only my son!). Dr. Besson took care of the problem on a Sunday in his home. Now that's service!
Nancy M

Professional, Knowledgable, efficient, and a very friendly staff and environment! Highly recommendable!
Caroline L

When my wife asked me to bring our two children to the orthodontist, I tried desperately to get out of it. I just assumed it would be a miserable experience where like a typical office, they would run late, and all they want is my insurance information. How wrong I was. The office staff are extremely friendly, Dr. Besson took the time to answer all my questions, and he ran ahead of schedule. Seriously, can you believe that? Now, I get a big smile from my wife when I offer to bring the kids to their appointments. This office is unbelievable.
Scott B

All 3 of my kids ages 21, 17, and 13 (currently still in braces) have been treated by Dr. Besson and Dr. Besson. This is by far the best run professional office I have dealt with since moving to the suburbs 16 years ago. Appointments are kept on time or run just a few minutes late only during peak post school hours if at all. The office staff is courteous and friendly as is Dr. Besson of course. The end result is outstanding and makes what could be an unpleasant process, extremely tolerable. In a nutshell, I highly recommend this office and Dr. Besson.
Pam R.

Office environment is always pleasant - even when it is crowded! They are very accommodating and will see you asap when you need it. I even went to Dr. Besson's home once.
Mary L

Dr. Besson is great with the kids - friendly, patient and puts them at ease! He did a great job on my older son - his teeth look fantastic - now we are on number 2!
Karen E

We love Dr's Besson! They have provided professional, caring, and competent services. After my daughters completed their treatment and were rewarded with beautiful smiles, I decided it was my turn.
This is a wonderful office with a superb support staff, plus they are really fun!
Carol G