If you are coming to the office for a visit please stay outside or in your car.     Text the name of the patient to 908-202-0437 and instructions will follow.

Please be aware that our office has a negative air pressure system to constantly bring in air from the outside, while removing air from the inside.  The entire HVAC system, as well as, 5 portable units are all HEPA rated.  This results in an approximate complete office air filtration rate of under 3 minutes.  

 If you are an existing patient, you will notice many changes at our office in response to the Coronavirus.  If you are new to our office we welcome you. 

1) We have eliminated our waiting room. Patients are asked to wait in their car or outside, and will be brought into the office in limited numbers by texting 908-202-0437.

2) We ask that any patient or parent that is experiencing a cough, fever, or any other signs of illness, to reschedule your appointment.  Please do not come into the office.

3) We require everyone entering our office to wear a mask.

4) Our office is running on a modified schedule to limit the amount of patients in the office at any given time so that proper social distancing can be maintained.  

5) Upon completion of the visit, patients will not be going to the desk to schedule their next appointment. They will be instructed to simply leave, and the office staff will be contacting you in regards to the next visit.

6) If you are undergoing Invisalign treatment and are still uncomfortable with coming into the office for a visit, just give us a call and we can arrange for you to pick up more aligners.

7) We ask that questions in regards to treatment, insurance, scheduling, etc., be handled over the phone.

8) Payments can be mailed, or taken over the phone.

We are following current recommendations by the CDC, ADA, and the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry.